Hair removal for men in Kent and South London

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In a recent survey in a leading women’s magazine over 80% of women said that they found men more attractive with little or no body hair. So it’s not surprising that more and more men are taking care of themselves and their bodies. You’ve got two realistic choices for hair removal; Permanent hair removal and waxing.

Permanent Hair Removal

We are experts in permanent hair removal for men with many years experience. The most popular treatments are back and chest hair removal, but male customers are getting more adventurous with buttock, sac and pubic areas now very much in in demand. You’ll probably have some questions about this process and you can watch a short video about permanent hair removal for men where Gwenda answers the most common questions or you’re welcome get in touch by phone on 01732 763250, or you can use our contact form on the right.


mens hair removal Kent and LondonIf you are impatient for that smooth all over feeling or do not want to remove your hair permanently then our full waxing treatment for men is for you. These days it is definitely ‘in vogue’ for men to be hair free too, and many men are removing body hair for themselves and their partner’s benefit. So don’t feel shy or embarrassed we have lots of satisfied male customers. Waxing is quick, inexpensive and of course offers instantly smooth silky hair free skin. And we are Axiom certified.

Booking a Treatment

Men now count for up to half of our clients. So you’re not alone, relax, take the plunge and treat yourself!

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