Hair removal for women

Hair removal for women in Kent and South East London

Smooth Touch offers a full range of hair removal for women in Kent and South East London.

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Permanent hair removal for women

KONA LHE is a safe, reliable and permanent method that is faster than electrolysis, which needs to treat each hair individually. KONA LHEĀ  also works on all hair colours whereas laser and electrolysis hair treatment tends to only work on dark hairs.

Waxing for women

Choose waxing if you want smooth, hair free skin immediately. Unlike shaving or hair removal creams waxing removes hairs by the root, and it will be 4 weeks on average before hair grows back. Hair re-growth after waxing is noticeably softer and sparser, with no itchy stubble.

Waxing is suitable to remove hair from head to toe. We can wax: eyebrows, face, upper lip, arms, bikini area (including the ever popular Brazilian and Hollywood), legs, back, abdomen and feet. In fact pretty much anywhere you have unwanted hair!