Hollywood waxing

Hollywood waxing for men

Smooth-Touch are one of the longest established and most experienced Hollywood waxing clinics in the UK, with diplomas from the country’s number one training academy for male intimate waxing, Axiom Bodyworks.

We used the Perron Rigot waxing products designed specifically for intimate waxing and recognised to be the best on the market.

Hollywood waxing is becoming ever more popular, especially among men, with as many men as women now enjoying the benefits of being hair-free in their most intimate area.

The benefits of hollywood waxing for men

So what are the benefits of Hollywood waxing, especially for men? Firstly and foremost perhaps, is that in a recent major magazine survey over 80% of women said they found their partners more attractive hair-free. The majority of the remainder of the interviewers said they preferred their partners with at least a smooth sac and the rest of the pubic hair neatly trimmed.

It is cleaner and more hygienic being hair free, especially for sports enthusiasts.

The penis appears larger with no pubic hair. And last – but definitely not least – your most intimate area will be far more sensitive without hair, leading to higher levels of arousal. Some of our customers have also reported an improvement in erectile function, due to this increased sensitivity.

What happens in a male hollywood wax?

We always we ask clients to shower before their treatment. The Hollywood starts with the application of cleansing lotion to remove any natural body oils still remaining. We then apply another solution into the entire area to be treated, which is designed to help the wax adhere to the hair but not to the skin.

The waxing then begins with strips of the warm wax being applied being applied in stages over the whole area to be treated. These wax strips then cool and set, before we gently peel them back bringing the hairs away at the same time.

When all the strips have been removed, we then move on to the most pleasant part of the Hollywood experience. We gently and thoroughly massage the entire area with Tea Tree lotion, which not only has a wonderful soothing effect but it also contains a mild anti-bacterial agent, which helps prevent any infection and possible ingrowing hairs,

Hollywood male waxing FAQs

How long does the treatment take?

Usually from half an hour to one hour, depending on how many areas we are

Does it hurt?

The level of discomfort varies enormously. Regular customers experience very little discomfort after several waxings, but sometimes the first waxing can be uncomfortable in certain sensitive areas.

How much does it cost?

From £40 for waxing (£15 for a basic trim)

How long does the waxing last before hair grows back?

This varies a lot, but usually from two to six weeks.

Do you have any male therapists?

No, only female.

I am concerned that I might become aroused during the treatment?

Please don’t be. The waxing procedure is very “hands-on” and by its very nature involves a lot of manipulation of the genitals by our therapist. So it would be quite normal to experience some arousal and an erection. In fact, most therapists find it easier to wax an erect penis, and several customers report less discomfort when erect because the skin is tauter. Therefore, there actually can be advantages to being erect during waxing.

Can I bring my partner me?

Yes. They would be very welcome and we actually offer a 10% discount for a combined waxing for couples.

Are there any do’s and don’t’s after intimate waxing?

A few. Our therapist will run through these with you after your treatment. But basically no hot baths, saunas or sunbathing for 24 hours.